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Reckless, intoxicated and unqualified boat drivers can put everyone’s safety in danger. When a day on the water goes extremely wrong, you need to call an attorney for assistance. Whitworth Law Firm is a personal injury firm based in Baton Rouge, LA. For over 30 years, Attorney Whitworth has offered legal support for cases involving maritime law.

Don’t drown in medical bills

Don’t drown in medical bills

We’ve worked with ordinary boat owners, sailors, cargo ship workers, longshoremen, harbor workers and other individuals with their personal injury cases. While the water can serve as a place for relaxation and vocation, rivers, lakes and oceans are often injury sites. Call today if you’ve been injured on the water. We’ve provided assistance for:

  • Commercial and recreational accidents
  • Commercial and recreational fishing accidents
  • Port, dock and terminal accidents
  • Offshore Drilling Accidents 

Whether you were injured riding a Jet ski or loading up a cargo ship, you can rely on Whitworth Law Firm for proper legal counsel. Call the experienced personal injury attorney at Whitworth Law Firm to discuss your offshore or recreational vehicle accident in Baton Rouge, LA